Resources for Educators

Education is a key component of all sustainable food systems. Raising the next generation of sea farmers and seafoodies starts with educating our children. We’ve gathered some of our favorite educational videos, books, lesson plans, activities and other resources here to help teachers develop fun and engaging aquaculture content for their students. We hope this page is helpful to anyone who wants to bring aquaculture into the classroom. If you’re interested in having a member of our team come and speak to your class, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We never say no!

Watch zoom recordings of Oyster Annie reading two children’s books about aquaculture:

Annie reads “Farming on the Sea” about oyster farming
Annie reads “The Farm on the Sea” about salmon farming





Aquaculture Books





Lesson Plans & Activities

Global Aquaculture Alliance Educational Resources

Maine Agriculture in the Classroom Agricultural Literacy Curriculum Matrix (search “aquaculture”) 

Maine Sea Grant Education Program

Seafood Watch Educator Resources

Teach ME Food and Farm / Lesson Plans

The Farm on the Sea