Maine aquaculturists are world leaders in sustainably farmed seafood!

The clean, cool waters of Maine’s coasts and inland waterways are ideal for growing fresh, healthy seafood. By combining Maine’s fishing heritage, pristine natural resources and our farmers’ commitment to sustainable practices, we produce the best fresh, sustainable seafood.

Aquaculture is an important means of providing healthy seafood. Every year we import enormous amounts of seafood contributing over 14 billion dollars annually to our national trade deficit. Over half of those imports are grown on aquaculture farms in other countries with environmental and labor laws less strict than here in the U.S. Locally grown aquaculture products from Maine are produced under some of the strictest regulations and best environmental conditions in the U.S. Maine aquaculturists are a leading supplier of fresh, sustainable and locally grown seafood.

Maine communities have a long tradition of harvesting healthy seafood from our clean, cool waters.

Maine’s water farmers are helping preserve this heritage of working waterfronts and communities linked to the sea. Our water farmers make their living on and literally in the water every day. Healthy ecosystems with high water quality and diverse habitats are a key ingredient in our sustainably grown, healthy seafood.

We invite you to become a bluewater pioneer and explore Maine Aquaculture.  Learn about the Maine Aquaculture Association, which is one of the oldest in the country. Meet a Local Maine Water Farmer and see if you have a blue thumb! Perhaps you’re interested in learning how Maine’s water farmers are remaining leaders in developing Sustainable Solutions to the issues they face; or if you have questions about aquaculture you would like answered see our Frequently Asked Questions or Contact Us.

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