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Maine’s cold, clean waters are ideal for growing delicious, sustainable seafood. See how Maine’s aquatic farmers produce premium seafood while preserving our natural resources.

Business Planning Support

Get ahead of the curve with our new business planning tools and production plans, custom-built to serve Maine aquaculture businesses.

Maine Aquaculture News

Our Members are our Mission

Our members are diverse, just like the seafood they produce. Learn more about the hardworking folks we represent and how they are forging the future of sustainable seafood in Maine.

Discover Maine Seafood at Home

Our seafood recipes are designed for home cooks who want to prepare fresh, healthy and delicious seafood without complicated steps or hard-to-find ingredients.

Our Work

The Maine Aquaculture Association is a non-profit trade association that represents the Maine aquaculture industry at the state, federal, and international levels. Our members grow shellfish, fin fish, and sea vegetables. Since 1978, we have worked to support Maine’s aquatic growers in developing economically and environmentally sustainable business practices, promote the benefits of aquaculture in the local food system, and preserve Maine’s heritage of a vibrant working waterfront.

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