Maine is forging the future of sustainable seafood

Maine seafood is renowned for its high quality, freshness, and exceptional flavor. The cold, clean waters of Maine’s coastal & inland waterways are ideal for growing delicious, sustainable seafood. A strong fishing heritage and dedication to producing a quality product are paramount to Maine’s aquatic farmers, who are committed to sustainable practices. We are determined to find ways to sustain our natural world and traditional ways of life.

Aquaculture is a key means of producing protein. Every year, the U.S. imports enormous amounts of seafood contributing over $14 billion dollars annually to the national trade deficit. Maine-grown seafood is produced under some of the strictest regulations and best environmental conditions in the world. Maine aquaculturists are a leading supplier of fresh, sustainable and locally grown seafood.

Maine communities have a tradition of harvesting healthy seafood and taking care of our environment. Maine’s aquatic farmers are helping preserve this heritage of working waterfronts and communities linked to the sea. Healthy ecosystems with high water quality and diverse habitats are a key ingredient in our sustainably grown, healthy seafood.

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