Board of Directors

The Maine Aquaculture Association’s board of directors is designed to represent Maine’s diverse aquaculture sector, and includes members who own, operate, and are employed by commercial shellfish, fin fish, and sea vegetable farms that use diverse growing methods throughout the state. The board represents small, medium, and large companies that operate on LPAs as well as experimental and standard leases in state waters, in addition to land-based operations and supporting companies that supply goods and services to the sector. 

The role of the board of directors is to guide the association’s work by bringing diverse perspectives from the grower community to the table. The board votes to determine MAA’s positions on various legislative bills, membership dues, approval of meeting minutes, and elects new members to the board. Each company is entitled to a single vote, but in some cases board seats are shared by two individuals from the same company who must vote together. 

Get in Touch

Anyone working in Maine’s aquaculture sector should feel free to contact members of the board to ask questions, raise concerns, and share input with the MAA. A full list of our board of directors is below. To email a board member, click on the mail icon at the bottom of their profile card.



Briana Warner

Atlantic Sea Farms
Kelp Processors

Matt Moretti
Vice President

Bangs Island Mussels
Surface culture mussel farms & kelp farms

Bill Keleher

Kennebec River Biosciences
Goods & services sector

Joanna Fogg

Bar Harbor Oyster Company
Surface culture oyster farms

Greg Lambert

Cooke Aquaculture
Fin fish operations


Nellie Brylewski

Muscongus Bay Aquaculture
Shellfish hatcheries
Shared seat w/ Jeff Auger


Jeff Auger

Dodge Cove Marine Farm
Shellfish hatcheries
Shared seat w/ Nellie Brylewski

Chris Davis

Pemaquid Oyster Co.
Bottom culture oyster farms

Fiona de Koning

Hollander & de Koning
Bottom culture mussel farms


Alicia Gaiero

Nauti Sister Sea Farm
LPA Holders

Jennifer Robinson

Cooke Aquaculture
Ocean-based finfish