Benchmarking Tools for Aquaculture Producers

NEW: 2023 Benchmarking Report for Seaweed Farmers

August 2023 – The Maine Aquaculture Association (MAA) today announced the publication of a new report designed to help seaweed farmers build sustainable businesses. Released just in time for the Seagriculture USA 2023 Conference in Portland, Maine, the 2023 Maine Aquaculture Seaweed Benchmarking Report was developed by MAA Project Manager Christian Brayden and University of Maine Research Scientist Struan Coleman with support from FocusMaine.

“Financial benchmarking tools allow farmers to see how their businesses measure up to others, which is critical for developing business plans, assessing risk, and securing investment,” said Brayden. “Not only will the Seaweed Benchmarking Report be beneficial for established farmers looking to scale or improve efficiency, but also for new and prospective farmers interested in launching seaweed businesses in Maine,” he continued.

The report is accompanied by a series of tables, figures, and a two-page infographic summary. The report, appendix, and figures are available for free download below:

APPENDIX: Click here to download

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How does your business measure up?

July, 2020 – The Maine Aquaculture Association announced the release of the first-of-its-kind Maine Aquaculture Industry Financial Benchmarking report. The report, completed in partnership with nationally renowned aquaculture economists Dr. Carole Engle of Engle-Stone Aquatic$ and Dr. Jonathan van Senten of the Virginia Seafood Agriculture and Experiment Station, presents results from the calculation of a series of benchmarks designed to serve as guidance for prospective Maine shellfish and seaweed producers for use in their business planning, as well as by lenders in the evaluation of loan applications.

Maine oyster, mussel, scallop, and seaweed farmers were interviewed and provided data based on the 2017 to 2019 growing seasons. Financial performance benchmarks and the types of risks and problems faced by shellfish and seaweed farmers were then summarized.

The report is accompanied by a series of tables, figures, two-page infographic summaries of each species, and a user guide for both business owners and financiers. The report, user guide, and infographics are available for free download below:

Two-Page Benchmarking Infographics

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This project was funded in partnership with FocusMaine and MTI.