Marketing Tools for Farmers

Maine Aquaculture Marketing Webinar & Tech Report

A part of the Expanding Maine’s Blue Economy project, this technical report presents findings from a 2022 survey on the Maine aquaculture sector’s marketing needs. The report overviews markets and distribution methods currently used by producers along with those targeted by producers as they expand their businesses. Successes, failures, and lessons learned from those who have already tried to expand their businesses are also included. Other information in the report covers barriers  to accessing markets and how Maine aquaculture producers promote and label their products, among other topics. 

Click here to download the full tech report. 

Maine Aquaculture Distribution Mapping Manual

The Maine Aquaculture Distribution Mapping Manual is a guide that helps sea farmers compare and contrast the existing and potential distribution channels for their products to best decide how to get them to market. More than 20 stakeholders were interviewed to inform the manual, including seafood producers, wholesalers, distributors, restaurateurs, trucking companies, and other aquaculture industry members, both in Maine and across the U.S. The manual, which was funded in partnership with FocusMaine, puts forth three main recommendations to farmers, including: 1) diversify sales channels, 2) maintain strong relationships, and 3) keep product quality consistent.

The Manual will also serve to inform a collaborative project underway between MAA, the University of Maine School of Economics, Gulf of Maine Research Institute, Island Institute, and University of Maine Cooperative Extension that explores in greater detail the costs, volumes, availability, and reach of the identified distribution channels, along with consumer preferences for Maine seafood across the U.S. The ongoing project is funded via NOAA and Maine Sea Grant award number NA21OAR4170086.