Seared Atlantic Salmon with Parsnip Purée

• 1 lb sliced parsnips
• 6 tbsp unsalted butter
• 1/2 tsp salt
• 1/2 cup water
• 2 tbsp olive oil
• 1/2 cup diced yellow onion
• 1 tbsp minced garlic
• 6 cups chopped Swiss chard
• Kosher salt & cracked pepper to taste
• 10 oz fresh Atlantic salmon filet
• 2 tbsp vegetable oil
• 2 sprigs fresh thyme
• 2 tbsp unsalted butter

1. Combine first 4 ingredients in a small saucepan and simmer on low until soft (~20 min).
2. Purée cooked parsnips using an immersion blender until smooth. Set aside.
3. Place a large pan over medium heat. Add 2 tbsp olive oil to hot pan, and sauté onions until translucent. Add garlic and cook until lightly golden brown.
4. Add Swiss chard to pan, along with a generous pinch of kosher salt. over and let cook 3-5 mins. Season with cracked pepper, stir cooked greens, and set aside.
5. Carefully remove the skin from the salmon filet, and divid the filet into two equally-sized portions. Season with salt and pepper on both sides.
6. Heat a large pan over medium-high heat. Add 2 tbsp vegetable oil to the hot pan. Carefully drop salmon filets (skin side up) away from you to avoid splatter. Sear on medium-high for 3 1/2 minutes.
7. Reduce heat to medium and sear the other side of the filets for a minute and a half.
8. Add fresh thyme sprigs and 2 tbsp butter to the pan. Gently tilt the pan and baste filets with thyme and butter.
9. Plate the dishes with a bed of the parsnip purée, cooked chard, and salmon filet. Garnish with fried thyme sprig.

Yield: 2 servings

Recipe courtesy of @mainekitchen

Where to Buy
You can purchase local Gulf of Maine Atlantic salmon at your local Hannaford Supermarket, as well as Harbor Fish (Portland).